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The Reflection Of  Our Soul

‘’ People like only two things on this Earth – themselves and their reflection.’’

Whenever we talk about reflection the first thing comes in our mind is ‘’ MIRROR ‘’, because the clearest reflection of our body is shown in the mirror, but here we are not talking about the external body reflection , here we are talking about the internal body reflection ‘’The Reflection Of  Our Soul‘’.

When your SOUL reflects the purity then people automatically get attracted towards you and try to spend more time with you, it’s the power of the pure reflection of soul.

Reflection of Soul means that you are so clear that people see themselves when they are with you. When you look at the clear water, what do you see? Of Course, your reflection !

More the clarity of water better you see your reflection. On the other hand, when you look into muddy water which is not so clear, what do you see? A muddy reflection and you don’t like it because it’s not clear.

Similarly, such people are also not liked who are of muddy behavior or who are not very clear to us. So, be real and honest with everyone and observe, you became favorite of others as people get attracted to those who are real and show them their clear image like an image on a clear mirror.

Choose a clear reflection of your pure soul !

The writer of this Blog is Ms.Manisha Payal, A brilliant student from EPIC Classes of iLearn2Earn Solutions

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